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Android Auto – Simplicity Combined with Functionality

Android Auto is an android based user interface that tethers the smart phone directly to the automobile’s head unit in the dashboard. The tethering is done via a USB cable that connects the two devices.

The interface is designed to be extremely simple and is integrated with the automobile’s steering controls itself. The Player-Top intuitive voice command action interface serves the dual purpose of concentrating on the road as well as staying connected.

The things that can be done by the driver while on the move are mindboggling. The driver can talk in an hands free environment, he can listen to music of his mobile playlist or downloaded from the web, he can compose short messages or replay the ones sent and received, he can access Google’s map and navigation system, and can even search the internet. A superior voice command system is in place as the idea behind it is that the drivers do not remove their hands from the steering wheel!