Renate Linnemeier loves to experiment with materials and topics. One of her favorite subjects is people, portraits, realistic or graphically experimental like here. The little queen is a work from the series “Queens and Kings”.
They are spontaneous pictures , the focus is not on the exact representation, but on your own artistic expression. It is a pleasure to paint such quick works in series: different colors, different lines – and it looks different, new.

Interplay of line and surface

What is exciting here is the interplay of graphic lines and painterly surfaces and the mastery of “controlled chance” .
If you do not dare to paint a face immediately, you can make preliminary drawings with a thin pencil or watercolor pen. Preliminary exercises on simple drawing paper also give you enough security to paint freely on the watercolor paper.

You need:

  • Watercolor paper , from 250g, DinA 4 or 30 x 30 cm
  • liquid watercolor paints (e.g. Aqua Drops from Schmincke) in magenta, neutral gray and amber
  • Medium size watercolor brush
  • some table salt
  • Vessel with water
Linnemeier lady with flowers 1

1Draw the first lines in neutral gray directly onto the paper with the pipette . Should too much color get onto the paper at once, paint it with the brush and use it to create the background. When painting directly from the pipette, please never press too hard !

Linnemeier lady with flowers 2

2Then paint the gray paint on the right and sprinkle in some table salt . This gives the background a structure and makes it more lively. Create the background with the amber tone on the left. Use the same tone to accentuate the face .

Linnemeier lady with flowers 3

3Now the third color is added: magenta . After applying from the pipette, apply the wet paint immediately with the brush. As long as the paint is still damp, sprinkle some table salt on this too.

Linnemeier lady with flowers 4

4thWhen the colors are dry, use the pipette to set accents or glaze individual areas . This creates an exciting, high-contrast picture that does not appear restless.

Linnemeier lady with flowers

5The portrait of the little queen is ready!
The use of two warm tones and the contrast with the dark color creates a colored, but not colorful, image .

Linnemeier lady with flowers green
Renate Linnemeier, “Flower Girl”. Watercolor paints on watercolor paper.

If you want to use other tones or more colors, you should make sure that one color family dominates . As with the “flower girl”. The colors green and yellow dominate, contrast and accents are set by the color red.