For many, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s similar with us, our kitchen plays a really big role here. That’s why I’m so happy that everything (planning and implementation) went so well right from the start. Even before the move, I knew pretty well which kitchen furniture would come in and the decision to use wall tiles was also made quickly. From the first sight I knew that they would be a very good match for us.


Every time I show pictures of our kitchen, there are a lot of questions about the wall tiles. That’s why I decided to tell more about her. Perhaps you are currently looking for suitable tiles for the kitchen, then this post is just right for you!

Information about the wall tiles


Sometimes the question arises whether the tiles are real. Yes they are. To be more precise, they are natural stone mosaics . You can get them on the net with the dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 cm and the tile thickness is 8 mm. Mike laid the tiles himself, as he is a trained tiler (super practical when a craftsman is in the house?). We used white joints for this because we wanted a light overall picture.

As the name suggests, the tiles are untreated. It is therefore very important to treat them with a stain protection after laying / grouting so that the tiles can also be cleaned properly. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve treated the tiles with the stain protection 2 times in total. After the treatment, the tiles develop a slight lotus effect and the water simply rolls off.

The natural stone tiles are completely matt if they are untreated. Even after the stain protection has been applied, the tiles look slightly matt and completely natural, which is what I particularly like about them.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the tiles, they still look great after 2 years. Only the place directly behind the stove has become a little darker. But that is hardly noticeable. I can definitely recommend the tiles.

This way it goes to the natural stone tiles.

Information about the wall tiles


And because you can never have enough prints, today I have provided 3 beautiful prints that fit well in the kitchen to print out. They are all saved in A4 format, but you can of course print them out in a smaller format.

Information about the wall tiles 1


Information about the wall tiles 2


Information about the wall tiles 3


Information about the wall tiles