In the last post I already told you that we removed the photo wallpaper in the dining room and today you will learn the reason for it. I will also tell you which wall paint we used and how you can mix it yourself. I don’t want to talk about the bush, the wallpaper had to go because I simply wanted something new. The wall with the map was really cool and totally different, but at some point I got tired of it. It’s definitely up to me, I just need changes in our home every now and then. Are you feeling the same?

After the photo wallpaper, the wall should shine in gray green or sage green. I’ve always liked the color. There is now a lot of choice of wall colors in the same tone. Soft morning dew, for example, has always been high on my wish list. In the end I couldn’t decide on a color (as almost always), so I decided to mix my favorite color myself. 

I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t work. Incidentally, that wouldn’t have been the first time either. Nevertheless, I made an attempt, according to the motto – if you don’t dare, you won’t win. And I was really amazed that it turned out so well. For me it turned out to be the perfect color, it couldn’t have been better. Every time I look into the dining room and look at the wall, I’m just happy. The way it should be.

And because I know that many of you like to swing the paint roller, I’m telling you today how I got the color result. 

Mix the wall paint yourself


You need: 

White emulsion paint

Solid color in green

Solid color in brown

Mix the wall paint yourself

And the mixing ratio is as follows:

1000 g white paint

20 g brown

20 g green

For our wall I used 3000 g of white paint and 60 g of each of the two solid colors. We didn’t need that much, but a small reserve of color is not wrong. Stirring is also important so that you get an even color result. 

Mix the wall paint yourself

What I definitely have to mention, our wall was painted white beforehand. I don’t know if it makes a difference if the surface is dark in color. And I would definitely advise you to put test strips on the wall and let the colors work on you. The colors always look a little different in the pictures. As with my color, in real life the green comes out much more than in the pictures. We had 3 test strips in total. First with 100 g white paint, 2 g green and 2 g brown. The second mixture was 100 g with 3 g of full tone colors each. And the third with 4 g. We decided on the brightest version. 

Mix the wall paint yourself

How are you all doing? Do you mix yourself or do you prefer to buy the ready-mixed colors?

As always, I hope that you like the wall color and wish you a nice day.