After getting a lot of questions from the girls about the walls in the playroom, it was time to write a post about it. In this post I would like to answer your questions and try to answer them as well as possible. At the same time I’ll show you here how I put the wall stickers on the wall. 


DIY wall design

The look

The wall stickers from I-Love-Wandtattoo have a smooth surface and a diameter of 3 cm. I would say they are more of a semi-gloss finish. You get a total of 60 points distributed on two DINA 4 sheets. 

DIY wall design

DIY wall design


The most frequent question from you is by far this: At what distance were the points placed? Vertical:  The distance between the circles is 30 cm. Horizontal: Here it is only 22 cm. Please don’t ask how I came up with the numbers … I just liked it best. 

The removal

We have only had the wall stickers for a few months, so I cannot offer any long-term experience yet. So far, however, they can be removed without resistance and do not leave any traces. By the way, we have woodchip wallpaper, and it probably works even better on a smooth surface. 

Where bought

I bought my point stickers here* and they are currently on sale. But I am sure that you can buy them elsewhere.

My conclusion

I’m really excited about the wall stickers. The walls look super pretty and for very little effort and money. The best argument for the stickers is very clear, you can use them to design the walls simply but effectively. And if you don’t like it anymore, you can quickly remove it again. This is more than practical, especially in the children’s room. 

DIY wall design

DIY wall design

I hope that this post was helpful for you and that it answered many open questions. But if something is still unclear, you are welcome to write to me.