Today’s post will be a little different from what I usually write. Why?

Because I just want to tell you today. Without frills. Just the way it is. And it would be nice if this post could be useful to you … 

“I like your style very much!” Is probably one of the most common compliments I get for my interior pictures. Whenever I read this, I am of course very happy about it, but at the same time I also ask myself the question:


Well, there is actually a connection with the blog’s name – Boho and Nordic . The blog embodies what I like very much. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s Scandinavian, Boho or Vintage. I like a lot of different things that often have nothing to do with each other. That’s why I just combine all the things with each other, even if they don’t go together at first glance. 

Of course, I don’t mix everything up, but slowly feel my way and let it affect me first. Sometimes it just takes a little time and often it fits right away. There are (unfortunately) no insider tips or anything. I just try it out. 


How do you find your own style

I used to leaf through living room magazines for inspiration. Today, for me, Instagram is the biggest source of inspiration for living. There are so many people who live so beautifully and individually. That is why I am often and gladly inspired by them. 

What I don’t do is copy everything 1: 1.  

Your own handwriting / personality

Honestly? This is for me  the most important thing in setting up and decorating a room. Since I’m a DIY junkie, we naturally have a lot of home-made decorations and furniture. These things alone make a big difference because they are unique. Even if someone else makes the exact same thing, it will (probably) never look exactly like yours. 

There are many good reasons why you should do some things yourself. But I am well aware that not everyone likes to do handicrafts or build or have the time to do so and therefore prefer to buy. And that’s not bad at all. Everyone should do what they think is best. 

Even if the things have been bought, you can incorporate a lot of personality into decorating. Be creative and think outside the box  (I like this saying). 

How do you find your own style

How do you find your own style


Some say that a mix of styles doesn’t work.

And I say: why not? If I like it. 

If you take a closer look, you will see a lot of furnishing styles with me. The Scandinavian style is most prominent but other styles such as boho, vintage etc. are at home here as well. I buy what I like. No matter if it is Scandinavian or not and then try to find a nice place for it. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out the same way. Because unfortunately it is not always that easy to combine different styles. But at some point you develop a feeling for that too. 

So decorate, move, try new things and listen to your heart. I think you will find your own style at some point. 

Oh yes, don’t forget: Have a lot of fun! 

How do you find your own style