You are sure to have a place in your home that you prefer to be or that you find totally beautiful. My favorite place right now is the corner of the living room. This corner is right next to the sofa and actually quite small, which is an advantage for me. Because it is much easier for me to decorate small rooms. I think it’s pretty easy to make small rooms cozy and homely. Or what do you mean?

I will show you how I decorated our living room corner. 


Decoration living room


Of course, I also had to try a few things here until I was absolutely satisfied with the result. I really like the way it looks at the moment and it can stay that way for a long time … 

Perhaps you have already seen that I only used certain colors for this area. It was very important to me that the things from this corner match the rest of the things in the living room. 


Generally I try to decorate the wall / walls first and then the rest. The wooden hook rail  was allowed to start here. I think such hook rails are really great anyway, because you can decorate them depending on the mood and the occasion. You can design them differently again and again without much effort, so your wall design will never be boring. So be sure to get a hook rail or you can just make it yourself. It’s really much easier than you think. 

On the wall next door is the big “ Oh lala”  picture, which is one of my favorite pictures anyway. The print is large, eye-catching and yet not too intrusive. Just the way I like it. Add a string of lights and my wall design is complete. I think another shelf with decorations would really be too much of a good thing at this point. The corner is already packed with pretty things, it really doesn’t need more. Add a string of lights and my wall design is complete.


Living room decoration

I designed the lower area to be relatively practical. Next to the couch is the small side table, on which you can put anything. My absolute (!) Favorite blanket is lying on the black chair, I would definitely not give it back and I would love to lug it with me everywhere … I’m sure you have a favorite piece like that too, right? 


Living room decoration

Living room decoration

Living room decoration

So that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed it with me and look forward to your next visit.